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Alone This holiday

I'm seeing snow for the second year on this holiday
But this time its not falling in the same way
As it lands on my lips its so icy and cold
And this time your not here for me to hold
Maybe you found yourself a beautiful christmas scene
Somewhere far, your so far away from me

Light a candle and stay warm benith the christmas sky
I'm alright, I swear I'll be, yeah I'll be just fine
I hope you got a kiss beneith the misletoe
And got everything you could ever wish for

All I want for chistmas is a christmas like last year
Scared to death listening to you whisper in my ear
Come on, follow me, lets get out of here lets go
Hold me now and we'll melt into the snow

The snow flakes are now falling like memories
No matter how far I run they will be following
The one thing I want, I know santa cant bring
I guess tonight theres no hope of you and me
This white christmas is suprisingly bleak
I'd give you a call if I could bring myself to speak
But I know your warm and your happy
I'll just keep how much this hurts me

MVM (Monuments Against Misery) has a new song, as shown above. I thought in the chirstmas spirit I would give everyone a little taste of what the future has in store. This music is very personal to me so I've taken on the weight of the world to make something truely beautiful. I've started putting the album together already. Its a slow process but with everything I do I am a step closer in finishing this process. There are times when I completely trash songs or music or lyrics or whatever but thats only a step to produce something amazing, and give that one person the greatest feeling in the world when they turn this shit up to 10.

Happy Holidays...

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