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So I guess my livejournal is now basicly one about my new side project. I'm really excited. I promis that I will give every talent I have of myself to make some fucking amazing music. Hell, I'll even learn some new talents to debut on the record. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I only want drums or not. For sure there will be guitar (electic? not sure yet) bass, perhaps some piano, bells, and whatever else I can think of.

I started working on the first song a few days ago. The guitar parts are coming along nicely and the lyrics seem to be flowing well. Last night I started working on the music for another song but I'm still trying to decide on how I want to phrase the guitar parts. I have an idea for the way I want one of the songs to work but I'm not sure if this is that song yet or not.

Theres a lot of indecisiveness still on my part. It's mainly because of availability. The equitment I have to work with is very limited so thats really my only concern as far as putting all the instraments I want to on any given song, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

I think Monuments Against Misery(MAM) will stick. I got a better response from that name. Heres some of the songs titles I've been working on: The Best of My Worst Feelings, The Last Tears Spilled, Like The Ones At The End of A Senior Year, The Accident, Little Empty Bottle. Well thats all I have for you right now. I'll try and get that first song arranged so I can start recording A.S.A.P

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