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When Does It End, When Can I Die

...All You Need Is A Knife And All The Hate In The World

17 November
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Hi my name is Justin and I am the drummer/songwriter/and sometimes co-vocalist in the band Somewhat Legal. I see my role in the band as the Village Idiot, to act like a jack ass and to make a total fool of myself whenever possible. Im a Scorpio which means I'm very sexy... well im a scorpio anyway. I'm very good in bed, even when its just me in bed which is 90% of the time. I've been playin in Somewhat Legal for about 3 years now and my best friend jon has been in it over a year and mark has been in it for about a month and I think we have found the perfect match to make this band good. The most important things in my life are definately my friends, my dog, and my band. Most importantly my band. We will be and always have been just a few close friends hanging out and making music. I would go to the wall for those guys. We are gonna be one of those bands thats gonna be around forever just making records and playing some bad ass shows. Even if no one shows up and they just buy our records for toilet paper, we will keep on putting them out because we'll be the best damn toilet paper anyone has ever used.